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Reasons Behind A Different Look Of Katrina Kaif In Tiger Zinda Hai

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Katrina Kaif was in the headlines for a few days in connection with her latest hit movie Tiger Zinda Hai. The actress had been seen in an impressive avatar in the movie and people have also shown their curiosity to know the myth of her appearance. When asked, she reportedly talked about her swollen face. Some people presumed that avatar has been created through plastic surgery and some claimed that it had been made possible with the usage of Botox injections or a lip-job.

Many social media outlets have accused her alleging that the model had ruined her face using Botox injections in order to look younger.  Some people also claimed that the model had undergone through plastic surgery or done a lip-job that would offer a different look.  Now the truth has been revealed that had no connections with the previous allegations. She has revealed that she was having an infected wisdom tooth and underwent heavy doses of antibiotics.  She was unable to consult with a dentist due to her work commitments. The infection increased later and she had to take a lot of medicines.

People have expressed their curiosity over the social media and commented according to their wishes. Sajid wrote, “katrina kaif ko dekha hai gor sy?na ankhain hain na hont bechari k. moun sojha hoa hai.bahot ziyada kharab dikhne wali botox katrina ko dekh pheley.” People also commented on other channels post like Sammy had wrote on a post made by Big Boss,  “Katrina Kaif, Lips look funny, Lip job..botox..what ;)” Bhavna ShilpaFTW wrote “why th hel is she looking so diffrnt, She DOESNOT look like #KatrinaKaif ,What a shame, anthr beautiful girl ruined by Botox”

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