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Siblings Become Victims Of Massacre for Refusal in a Marriage Proposal

violence against women এর ছবি ফলাফল

source: www.sacredheartattheun.org

A brother along with his sister has been murdered after some unidentified goons opened fire at them.  The incident has taken place across Sachal Goth area of Karachi on December 19.  According to the statements from Police, the siblings had been murdered in connection with the refusal of a marriage proposal.  The anonymous men had entered at the residence in Bilawal Shah Colony and began to open fire at them. SSP Rao Anwar remarked two people had died in the occurrence and they have been identified as 25-year-old Taj Bibi and 30-year-old Awal Sher.

Police officials also remarked that a girl had been burnt alive by a man on November 10 for denying a marriage proposal in Mandi Bahauddin.  The victimized girl stated in her statement to the police, Tassawur (the suspect) had taken her to his home after her refusal and tried to tie her hands and legs. After that, he tried to set fire and burn her alive.

Soon after the incident neighbours had rushed to the spot and tried to douse the flame. It was the girl who desperately screamed asking for help and then people rushed to the spot. The victimized girl had been sent to Aziz Bhatti Hospital Gujrat for emergency medical treatment.  Doctors have reported that the victim had sustained 60% of the burn injuries. Of late, the law enforcement authorities have arrested the offender and started further investigations on the matter.  The incident has created a concern regarding the women security across the nation. Large numbers of woman are being victimized in different cases of violence amidst the patriarchal society of the nation and it must be prevented.

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