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Students Suspended For Hugging Each Other: St Thomas


India is one of the progressive nations of the third world and commonly recognized as a land of diverse culture. Recently, a high court has sentenced an astonishing verdict on a case regarding two school students. Recently, the Kerala High Court has advocated the decision of a school to suspend two of its students on the issue of hugging each other in public place. The students belong to St Thomas CBSE School located in Thiruvananthapuram and they had been seen hugging each other during the event of a public function held on July 21. It would be relevant to admit that two students belong to opposite gender.

The boy was a student of Class XII and he had been asked about the matter, he remarked that she used to be his friend and he gave her a congratulatory hug for performing well in the singing competition at the arts festival of the school.  Reports have revealed that the students hugged each other inside the school premises where friends and teachers had been present at the spot and they took the matter to the Principal.  Authorities from St Thomas School had informed because the students have violated the discipline and regulation of the school, the authority has decided to suspend them.

Later, the lad petitioned the child rights commission that had asked the principal of the school to admit him.  Afterwards, the commission had decided to take the matter to the court and appealed underneath significant sections of CrPC.  The father of the boy also remarked that the secretary of the school has used abusive language against his son and even threatened him to kill. It is not education and the behaviour is unexpected from the authorities of an institution like St Thomas.


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