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Swami Om Claims that He Convinced Shilpa to Join Bigg Boss 11

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It seems that the most of controversial contestant of Bigg Boss 10 Swami Om does not like to stay away from the limelight for a long while, as the delusional baba has hit the media again with his new claim. When everyone from the small screen industry was busy in congratulating the winner of Bigg Boss 11 Shilpa Shinde, Swami Om said that he convinced Shilpa to join the show.

Although Swami Om was never out of controversy, things touched an unbearable mark when he threw urine on contestants and tried to molest a housemate. Following his ouster from the house of Bigg Boss in season 10, he threatened the host of the show superstar Salman Khan to break his bones. He also claimed that his ouster from the show led to the Delhi earthquake.

The house of Bigg Boss was not the only place where the fake baba created huge controversies; as he entered the house with a number of criminal cases against him. He stepped out of the house on a number of occasions for court hearings during the show. Swami Om once was arrested for stealing his brother’s bicycles and some papers.

In a video, Swami claimed that he told Shilpa’s brother Ashutosh to ask Shilpa to join the television show. He said that Shilpa thought that she was not ready to join the show, as she feared that people will misunderstand her. He also claimed that he asked Salman and the show makers not to insult Shilpa and do everything to make her the winner.

In the video clip, Swami Om also claimed that the show is fixed and the name of the winner is pre-decided.


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