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Terror Plans Foiled as Three Suspects Taken To the Custody in Muzaffargarh

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source: www.img.dunyanews.tv

According to the reports, the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) of Pakistan had blocked a terror bid successfully.  According to the statements of CTD officials, three terrorists had been arrested during a hunt conducted across Muzaffargarh on December 22. The official from CTD also remarked that the arrested suspects belong to a forbidden group and they were busy preparing a plot for an imminent attack on the eve of Christmas. Counter Terrorism Department has discovered few hand grenades from the suspects that had been seized from the terrorists during the hunt.

On the other hand, two terrorists had been gunned down at the time of a Counter Terrorism Department encounter in Multan, the officials also informed. The squad from Counter Terrorism Department had been informed about the presence of five to six terrorists united with the forbidden Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan.  Based on the information from the source, Counter Terrorism Department had decided to conduct a sudden raid on a compound adjacent to Jalalpur Pirwala. At first, the officers from the Counter Terrorism Department had asked them to surrender, however they denied and started open firing at them.

During the fight of the bullet, two terrorists were killed, whereas three others had managed to run off the sight taking the benefit of dimness. The Counter Terrorism Department has seized various ammunitions discovered from the hidden place. A few numbers of hand grenades, a pistol and an automatic rifle had been recovered from their den. The news of their detainment has created a buzz regarding the concerns of security across the country and Counter-Terrorism Department is being praised for their achievements.



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