Pakistan, U.S|January 31, 2018 12:24 am

The Pak-US Relations Are Likely to Improve by Pakistani American Aide from Trump’s Government


The recent announcement made by A Pakistani-American aide of the United States (US) from the administration of President Donald Trump has sparked a hope for the Pakistani-American resident on January 12.  The latest announcement clarified that it would be tough to demolish a prolonged relationship of 70 years with Pakistan could not be ended at once like in a week or one month.  He also added that he assumed that the present tension in between the two nations is likely to be improved and fixed in near future.

Sajid Tarar, the Pakistani-American aide to Trump remarked that he was hopeful that Pakistan-US relationship would be improved and he was not disappointed on the Governments on both sides, as two were weighing their options and presently finding to solve the tensions and aims to be engaged in future.  He also added that the instable cheap politics of Pakistan have been creating a mess for a long time.  He also added and clarified in a video message that they were misleading the common people by forming a negative impression of an imminent conflict between US and Pakistan, however, the reality is something different from the rumours that are often heard.

He also added that the Pakistani-American community has put their efforts clear this misunderstanding between the people by establishing a cultural bridge.  He also praised the Pakistani-American community for their deeds to convey the message to people of the two nations. While discussing the issue of relations in between the two nations he begged the politicians in Pakistan to put their foot cautiously over this sensitive subject and desist from creating fear across the society.


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