Bangladesh, Other|January 28, 2018 11:59 pm

Traffic Disrupted by Student’s Protests on the Streets of Dhaka


According to the reports, 300 students from seven colleges of Dhaka had gathered at the New Market intersection at 11 am.  The gathering was initiated in connection with the delay of examination results and the students will block the streets for about 3 hours on January 18.  Reports have revealed that the students left the streets at 2 pm following the arrival of the Vice-Chancellor Prof Akhteruzzaman of Dhaka University at the spot and assured them to meet their demand as soon as possible. ADC Nazir Ahmed Khan of Lalbagh Zone Police remarked the traffic of the capital had been affected in connection with the protest across DU campus and Science Laboratory, Azimpur and BGB headquarters during the protests.

The students had asked the authorities to publish the owing results of second-year final examination for the 2014-15 session. They asked them to arrange exams for third-year students and publish an academic calendar for the seven colleges as well. Sarder Ismail from Kabi Nazrul College remarked that the authority could not publish the result of an examination that took place in January 2017. He and also added that they even had not published any kind of academic calendar for the seven colleges.  They sought for Vice-Chancellor’s intervention in this matter.

In this regard, the student-initiated for a procession at 10:00 AM. Later, they gathered near the New Market intersection around 11 am. Kazi Nasir from Dhaka College remarked that they would have no choice left except to wage a tougher movement in case the authority won’t publish the result by February 25. Earlier, the students showed a protest outside the office of Vice-Chancellor on January 15 and revealed the students from DU were being affected due to the delay.

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