Pakistan, U.S|January 5, 2018 6:06 am

US-Born Pakistani Man Established Two Billion-Dollar Companies in Pakistan


Zia Chishti is one of the few Pakistani origin people who have touched the summit of success in the world of business. The founder of two billion-dollar companies was born in the United States, but bought up in his motherland Pakistan.

His mother was highly educated and an ambitious woman associated with Punjab’s educational system. After his father’s death, Zia and his mother returned to Pakistan, but he moved back to the U.S. again to complete his education, as suggested by his mother. Zia is now the CEO and Chairman at Afiniti, a company worth more than $1.6 billion. The company has recently completed its Series-D fundraising and is now gearing up for an initial public offering (IPO).

While talking about the influence of his mother in his life, Zia said that he never wanted to move back in the U.S., but it was his mother who then realized the need of quality education for him and encouraged to revisit the U.S. He said that becoming a business person was his childhood dream and he wanted to pursue his dream right after completing high school in Pakistan.

Zia has aggregated his degrees from a number of top-ranked educational institutions in the United States. He earned his BA degree from the Columbia University and MBA from the Stanford. He was a former employee of Morgan Stanley and associated with a number of US-based companies like Align Technology in the later period. His artificial intelligence company Afiniti is now slated for its IPO in the middle of 2018. It has become a $1.6 billion company now and according to Zia, his company will play a greater role in improving Pakistan’s economy.



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