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Viral Video Claims 9 Deaths, Bengaluru School Says Rubbish


A widespread viral video has created a chaos in the township of Bengaluru. The video on WhatsApp claimed that nine students have died during the annual function of that reputed school in Bengaluru. Soon after the arrival of cheap and advanced messaging apps like WhatsApp, numerous rumours are seen to have spread.  Those rumours lack accuracy and details.

Similar to the rumours of this event shown in the video was actually captured two years ago. Moreover, the message tagged with it lacks adequate details of its occurrence, date and time. The 29-second video has been viral on the Internet for almost a month and displayed a framed aluminium structure falling down, trapping a grouping of kids who were performing on the stage during the annual function of Max Mueller School that took place at the Ambedkar stadium.

The massive circulation of that video had created a buzz regarding the matter. When asked the school administration about the incident, they had dismissed the accusation of deaths and confirmed of a mishap that did take place during the event.  They also clarified that one of the students had received minor injuries and one of the school teachers had been seriously injured and undergoing medical treatment.

The headmistress of Max Mueller School, Hemlata remarked that someone with mala fide intention had done this to tarnish the reputation of the school.  She also added that the school authority has already complained and filed a case with the Bengaluru cyber police regarding this matter.

The Bengaluru Police had registered a case against the school administration for that incident that took place on February 13, 2016, however; a city court dismissed the case stating that it lacks adequate proofs to hold the school guilty of negligence.

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