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11 Wounded At The Event Of Palamedu Jallikattu


According to the reports, 11 participants have been injured during the event of Jallikattu that took place on January 15 in Palamedu. Jallikattu is one of the most famous events in this region. Jallikattu is all about the bull-taming sports. R B Udhayakumar, the Revenue Minister of Tamil Nadu has inaugurated the grand event. This time people observed a huge participation of around 1,000 bulls and hundreds of sportsmen who have enlisted their names for the honours.

Thousands of visitors also gathered across Palamedu to witness the competition. In addition, Palamedu is one of the most famous venues for jallikattu across the district along with Avaniapuram and Alanganallur. Attractive prizes were distributed to the winners, who showcased their supremacy in taming the bulls. Prizes include gold coins and many others.  Same alike, the bulls that ducked the sportsmen and remain unconquered were also honoured with their holders obtaining prizes.

According to the statements of the police, adequate security arrangements had been made.  Near about 1,200 police personnel had been deployed during the event of Palamedu. Similar to other years, the sport was organised in the presence of officials from the Animal Welfare Board of India and other officials. The 11 wounded sportsmen were instantly treated at the medical camp constructed at the venue. Later they have been sent home.

The apex court of the country had made a prohibition order on Jallikattu in May 2014. The state government had made an attempt to impose an ordinance to make possible its conduct due to the massive level of protest across the state in 2017 and since then the event got the permission again.

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