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New App From Dell Aim To Send Mobile Notifications To Desktop

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Dell has maintained their potentiality to become as one of the must-visit organizations this year’s CES.  The recent PC stalwart showcased a few interesting products at the event.  There was a new feature of mobile connect spotted at the event.  The new feature is aimed to deliver the mobile notifications through a desktop app that would be bundled with all new Dell computers.  The application would use Bluetooth for sending the mobile notifications to the computer.  It would be similar to the functionality offered by Cortana on Windows or Notification Center on macOS.

The app doesn’t require you to log in every time.  It would be relevant to admit that the app is also not required to be approved by Dell either.  Automatically, the mobile notifications would be sent to the desktop.  The only requirement is a Dell computer and a Smartphone within Bluetooth Range.  The organization has already showcased their demo at a booth.  A small modification box at the right corner of the desktop would notify you.  The demo was actually hardwired for wireless pollution at the show; however, the officials have confirmed that the shipping version would work with Bluetooth.

The user will be allowed to respond in a dialogue box or he could also click through to a mirrored image of your phone’s screen. Dell has offered an added advantage here.  The touchscreen Smartphone would also allow navigating the handset from desktop and the user would be allowed to operate his/her phone on a bigger screen.  The officials have remarked that the new functionality will be launched on January 27 and they also confirmed that the application would run on both Android and iOS platforms.


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