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26-Year-Old Indian American Woman Became the First Homicide Victim of 2018 in the US

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A 26-year-old Indian American woman became the first victim of a homicide in America in 2018. The woman who has been identified as Stacy Loknath found dead inside her home in Richmond Hills, Queens. According to the police department, primary investigations suggest that the victim was stabbed to death as multiple stab marks were found in her torso.

Stacy was found dead on New Year’s Day and her body was discovered a few hours before police found her husband hanging from a tree in Forest Park. The couple survived by their 5-year-old son and 1-year old daughter. A number of friends and family members have suspected link with Stacy’s murder with her husband Vishwananad’s death.

Police said that the couple had partied hard on that night and they even took cocaine at a Queen’s restaurant. According to the eyewitness, the couple argued all night and the issue reached a certain point in which the club authority decided to throw them out of the club.

While speaking on the incident, Stacy’s brother-in-law Romain Shaw said that Vishwananad was very abusive to Stacy and despite suffering from the fact, Stacy did not leave him just because of two kids. Shaw said that she would always hope that Vishwananad would change.

Show added that on New Year’s Eve, Vishwananad drank heavily and he was thrown out of the club. According to a neighbour, the couple was always having big fights and everything has ended with her leaving the home in an ambulance. The police said that before committing suicide, Vishwananad called his mother and told that he wanted his body to be cremated rather than being buried.



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