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Actor Saba Qamar Claimed She Was Harassed at International Airports for Being a Pakistani

source: www.i10.dainikbhaskar.com

Popular Pakistan actor Saba Qamar, who has recently earned fame with her debut Bollywood movie ‘Hindi Medium’ in India, has published a video clip where the actor shared her experience of how she was treated for being a Pakistani at international airports.

In the clip, the actor was seen as saying that she felt so humiliated when the security officials checked everything after seeing her Pakistani passport. She also shared one such experience when she travelled to Tbilisi for a shoot of a Bollywood movie. She said that she travelled to Eurasian Georgia with an Indian crew and she experienced the worst at the checking point.

She said that security officials at the airport were soft on the Indian crew and there were allowed to go. But, when they see her Pakistani passport, they stopped her. The officials at the airport started through investigation, following which an interview was organized to counsel her.

She said that the incident hurt her a lot and she thought is this the way Pakistanis are treated around the world. Saba Qamar made her Bollywood debut with popular Bollywood actor Irfan Khan with the movie ‘Hindi Medium’. Qamar earned huge fame in Pakistan’s television industry, where the actor showed her talent in TV series like Udaan, Yahan Pyaar Nahi Hai, Maat, Dastaan, Digest Writer and many others.

The video clip shared by Qamar has gone viral in media and many social media users were seen dismissing her claim. Many social media users insisted on the fact that it is not about only Pakistani citizens, but about all the Muslims across the world. Many said that Indian Muslims even a number of Bollywood celebrities often experience such situation.


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