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Over 5000 Schools Are Closed Across the Regions of Sindh

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A recent report issued by Sindh education department again revealed the horrible scenario regarding the present state of education throughout the regions of Sindh.  The picture is adequate to oppose the claims made by the Pakistan Peoples Party-led provincial government that they had initiated and brought some important reforms in the field of the education system.

The latest data on the present situation has revealed more than 5,000 schools are still closed across the region. Ample time had been passed ever since Asif Ali Zardari-led Pakistan Peoples Party had taken over the wheel of power in this province since 2008.  The official data has been compiled by the education department of Pakistan.

The report also highlighted that the figure of students is rapidly decreasing across Government Schools whereas the figure of teachers is being increased. Experts have pointed out towards the weakening situation of education across the region on political interference. The latest report also revealed that about 100,000 students dropped out of government schools across the province over the years.  On the other hand, there was a rapid increase of teachers to 1.4 million.

The report puts light on many cases where large numbers of schools are being closed. The report also revealed that in some cases lack of basic facilities was the major reason behind the shutdown. It further informed about lack of electricity in about 23,000 schools in Sindh, whereas 99 percent of schools lack basic facility of labs and 75 percent lacking playgrounds.  The report also suggested that a heavy amount of funds are being gobbled up by the allocated remuneration for government employees.



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