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Serial Knife Attacker From Rawalpindi Receives Life Sentence After Killing 1, Stabbing 17

source: www.hindi.oneindia.com

A serial knife attacker, who was accused of stabbing at least 17 women and killed one across the regions of Rawalpindi in 2016, was recently rewarded a life sentence on January 12. Of late, the attacker has been identified as Muhammad Ali (24).  Reports revealed that he used to target on working women during the night in the city, the report also revealed that such incidents have been occurring over few months.  According to the statements of the police, he used to target women ‘for fun’, in order to spread the fear. The police also assumed that he must have been inspired by slasher films and most of these attacks were conducted during the load-shedding, especially during the dark hours.

One of his victims named Anum Naz (26), who used to work as a nurse at the Fauji Foundation Hospital, had expired following his stabbing attack whilst she was heading towards her hostel. One of her co-workers also attacked and severely injured during the same. the Counter-Terrorism Department arrested Ali when he had been identified during a sudden hunt at tandoor in Morgah on August 12, 2016.

Recently, Rawalpindi Additional District and Sessions Judge Raja Qamar Sultan has announced the verdict on the case of Muhammad Ali and rewarded him with a life sentence in connection with his alleged murder and 17 attempted murders.  During the announcement of the verdict, Ali was present at the court. In a recorded statement, Ali, earlier remarked that he felt satisfaction and therefore he decided to stab them. He also pointed out towards some baseless arguments regarding the mistreatment of his mother by her in-laws, he also indicated towards an unfaithful lover and blamed those for his attacks.



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