About Us

The company has interests in Publication, Broadcasting, Event  Management, Advertising, Film Production and New Media.

Whether one has been here for over 5 years or has recently immigrated to North America, The Desi Times is a brand that Indians recognize most. However, as more and more Indians immigrate to find opportunities in every field of economic endeavor, the need to “go home every week” has never been greater. The Desi Times Group recognized this opportune time to serve this booming Non Resident Indian (NRI) population in North America through a weekly edition, specifically designed to meet their needs, tastes, and discerning standards they have come to expect.

We are Chicago’s First and ONLY south asian news paper that offers news in four regional languages English, Gujarati, Urdu and now Hindi. The Desi Times gets published in Hindi, Urdu English and Gujarati all within one free news paper.


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